The cause of the freckles

Actually, the cause of the freckles is because of the melanin that is concentrated. Let’s discuss it in the following so you can reduce the existence of the freckles in your skin because it makes your appearance unwell so many men and women become unconfident. For that, before looking for the ways that cause the freckles, it is better for you to look for the cause of it. After you know what makes the freckles in your face, the next step are looking for the right solution for clean the face from the freckles.

There are some factors that cause the freckles, those are:

  • The hormone:There is the estrogen and progesterone hormone inside the human body. This hormone causes the freckles. Commonly, the pregnant women have the increasing of the hormone.
  • The drug:There are some drugs that can cause the freckles in the face.
  • Ultraviolet ray:If you are under the sun directly, it can cause the freckles. It can create the pigment of melanin increases so the freckles built.
  • Cosmetic:Some cosmetics can cause the freckles because they contain perfumed, coloured,and other materials. Those materials make your skin more sensitive if it is under the ray ultraviolet. Finally, the sensitive skin can get the freckles.
  • Genetic:Genetic is the internal factor that creates the freckles. Twenty percent of people get the freckles because of this cause.

5 Natural Remedies to Remove Freckles

There are five ways in treating the freckles, those are:

  • lemon:Lemon contains of the citric acid. It has the great function to beautify your face. The citric acid helps the growing of the new cell and also brightens the skin.
  • papaya fruit:Papaya can make the skin fresher. There is enzyme in papaya fruit that exfoliate the skin. For that reason, the production of the new skin can happen. Besides, this enzyme also can inhibit the producing of the pigment melanin. It is better to use the green papaya than the mature.
  • vitamin E oil:Vitamin E oil is the antioxidant so it has a good effect on wound healing. Research shows that vitamin E can penetrate the dermis (middle layer of skin below the epidermis) and stabilize the production of collagen.
  • Potatoes:Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and a variety of photochemical. In fact, the potato juice is one of the best solutions for the black spots on the skin. Vitamin C is derived from potato works to slough off dead cells, and thus reduce black spots.
  • Leather Watermelon:Watermelon is known as one of the best things for freckles because it is rich in fiber, vitamins A, B and C. Cold sweet Watermelon is able to help reduce spots on the skin due to exposure to the sun.



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