The hair is the crown and glory of every person that they spend too many hours in front of the mirror just to stylize the hair. Instances are, we often buy numerous hair products just to make our hair smooth, silky and manageable. But sometimes the vainer we are with our hair the more we damage our hair unknowingly. And before we could realize, the hair is already been damaged and now we found ourselves looking for the best hair products for damaged hair that if we can’t find the rightful solution, it often results to a hateful haircut and another search for the best products for hair growth.
Damaged hair is one of the prevailing problems that most women encounter and having a natural black hair care is something that most women neglect due to many commercial brands that promise healthy hair. With this issue at hand, lots of hair care products and services are being endorsed. Even celebrities joined the hyped of promoting the best shampoo for damaged hair. However, before you land yourself to the finest treatment solution for your damaged hair, it is best to know first the causes so that you will be able to know what product or treatment is best for you.
Causes of Hair Damage
The hair is composed of proteins that are made of three layers which are the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle. These are greatly damaged due to excessive hair styling where the cuticles, as well as the protein bonds, get broken. We will only know if our hair is completely in a wreck if the hair is brittle, rough and is prone to split ends. And this happens to our beautiful hair because of the following practices that are very popular to most women today such as;
• Heat Styling – this involves the following: hair drying, hot rolling, curling and the use flat iron where the heat coming from the tools cracks the hair cuticle and dries the moisture within that leaves the hair brittle and rough.
• Harmful Chemicals – women tend to go to hair salons to get their hair done. But what they do not know the chemicals including bleach, perms, hair dyes, straighteners and relaxers that are being used to their hair wears down the protein bonds in each strand that are responsible to strong and lustrous hair.
• Harsh Weather – weather condition can affect the overall appearance of the hair. Summer could break the protein bonds in the hair with the sun’s UV rays while winter could dry the hair because there is less moisture in the air that makes the hair strands brittle and dry.
And because women are getting desperate in looking for hair products for fine hair, they tend to try every product they came across without thinking of what should be the exact ingredients of the shampoo that suits their hair. And just because there’s a logo that it is a shampoo for fine hair, they tend to ignore the harmful chemicals in shampoos that should be avoided.
The solution
Damaged hair can still be treated with shampoos whose ingredients are plant-based, organic or made from raw ingredients. The best shampoo for damaged hair is those that do not contain chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances and preservatives like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, triethanolamine and coal tar dyes where some of it is considered carcinogenic. These chemicals that often can be found on commercially made shampoos strip off the natural oils of the hair that acts as a natural conditioner. Which is why as much as possible, the kind of shampoo that should be used are all homemade because you will be rest assured that your hair receives the proper care that commercial shampoos fail to give.


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