Hair can only endure too much, frequent hair treatments may cause damage to your hair which requires proper care and needed to be treated carefully. The natural protein and softness of the hair can only be preserved by the use of best hair products for natural hair as it preserves and maintain the smoothness of the hair. If the problem of your hair is its dryness and friskiness good shampoo for dry hair can do the trick, as women love their hair especially if it is smooth and soft.
The best shampoo for natural hair is those with natural ingredients, sulfate free as it can do more damage to your hair. Some women use a homemade shampoo that is free of many irritating products that may become the cause of your hair going all frizzy. For women who are opting to go all natural for their hair, one must consider the following before you go diving to the world of natural hair care.
• Texture – after years and years of using hair treatment and finally changing your heart into going natural, it is best to determine first the what texture of your hair will be. Asking yourself of what is the best shampoo for your hair can only be determined to the type of hair you have. Oily and greasy may require the best natural shampoo and conditioner there is in the market, it will not only release your hair from the oil that prevents your hair from having the moisture it needed but also conditions your hair to be better and softer than usual. Hair is very delicate and using products that contain harmful ingredients will not only worsen the damage but will leave your hair all dried up and wiry all the way to your tips.
• Shrinkage – hair tends to shrink at some point of woman’s life and making sure that you have that bouncy and full of life hair can be quite difficult especially for black hairs as dull hairs are more pronounced than the colored one. Black hair growth products are advised to be used for women’s that losing hair as it shrinks.
• Moisture – due to the misconception of frequent use of water to the hair will result to dryness, the truth is that water removes dirt and other particles that make your hair look oily and dirt, it also loosen the tangle in your hair as the wind and sun’s light frizz up your hair causing for it to tangle. Proper hair moisturizing is important as you maintain the moisture that keeps your hair smooth and soft. LOC method is one way to do it, simply use liquids preferably water, then use oil for moisture and a moisturizing crème to seal the moisture to the hair.
Just remember that hair are a lot more sensitive when it has a curlier texture, to frequent you touch and style your hair the more breakage it will cause to your hair. Let the products to its magic and remind yourself to always keep your hands off your hair. it may not be that easy but making it a habit will lessen its chances of breaking.


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