How to get rid of freckles

Do you have freckles? You probably have thought about different methods and ways to get rid of freckles, but do you know that there are some home remedies solutions that you can try without exposing your skin to dangerous chemical substances? There are several options and solutions; you can try the natural methods or the medical procedures. Whatever method you see fit, be sure that you have known the basic facts before trying them.

Understanding Freckles

Freckles are basically tiny brownish spots that will appear on the skin. They are actually skin damage, but they are quite harmless. They can appear on both men and women. Some develop this skin issue as they grow older, but some have had this issue since they are kids. If you are suffering from freckles when you are an adult, it is high chance that you can remove them and make them go away for good. However, if freckles are a part of your genetic characteristic, the best thing you can do is to lighten them; not making them go away completely.

Freckles can be caused by genetic, but in most cases, they appear because of hormonal imbalance and too much exposure to the sunray. Freckles can appear all over your body, but when they happen on your face, they are the most visible. That’s why most people (especially women) are wondering about how to get rid of freckles fast and effectively, because they feel that the spots affect their confidence and self esteem.

The Different Methods and Alternatives To Get Rid of Freckles

If you are wondering how to lighten freckles safely and naturally, and you prefer natural methods only, here are some home remedies that you can try:
• Lemon juice. Basically, this juice is a natural bleaching substance that can be used to lighten the freckles. If you apply the juice regularly, you will notice the difference over time. Lemon juice can also be used to deal with any skin blemish. You only need to squeeze a lemon and apply the juice. Just use your finger and then massage it. Let it be for around 15 minutes, cleanse it with warm water, and you will feel refreshed! You can do this twice a day and see the result within a month. The difference is simply amazing!
• Honey. You can mix warm water with honey and then apply it on the skin. Wait for it to dry off, and then cleanse it with warm water. You can also mix warm honey with wheat germ to make a facial mask. After applying it on the skin, leave it be for 15 minutes and then cleanse it with water. First, use warm water and then finish it off with cold water. Honey is also great with mixed together with yoghurt. Apply the honey-yoghurt mixture on the skin, and leave it for around half an hour. Cleanse it off with warm water. Do it regularly and you will see the big difference! You will also notice that your skin is getting softer and smoother.
• Sour cream. The cool thing about sour cream is that it contains natural lactic acid, which can help lighten off the brownish skin spots. Simply apply the cream on the skin and leave it dry. Leave it for a while so the cream will soak into deeper dermis of the skin. You don’t have to wash it; wipe it with soft towel or tissue, instead. The sour cream will peel off the upper layer of the dermis, making the spots lighten in colors, but this method won’t create dryness or irritation to your skin. You can also wash your face with sour milk, if you want to. Do this at least once a day and see the difference. In case you can’t find sour milk, use yoghurt instead.

Medical Alternatives

Some people don’t really like the home remedies treatment because it takes time, so they turn to medical procedures like laser freckle removal or microdermabrasion. These procedures may produce quick result, but they are also costly and risky. You need to consult your doctor first before undergoing any of these treatments. If you are rather low on the budget and you prefer a side-effect free treatment that won’t hurt your wallet, choosing the natural home remedies alternative is your best option.


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